PrimaDéli, Singapore’s first home-grown and biggest halal bakery franchise is a one-stop bakery and cakeshop that offers immensely popular waffles, all-time perennial favourites such as chicken pie, egg tarts, and a wide range of premium quality cakes for everyday treats and special occasions like weddings, full month celebrations and birthdays for all ages.

Today, the chain boasts about 45 bakery retail outlets all over Singapore, catering to your every need. Whether it is for breakfast, snack time, birthday celebrations or company meetings, there’s no better place to go than PrimaDéli!

PrimaDéli is the key to a delicious franchising opportunity. Continuous product Research & Development, modern production technology, high-tech retail systems, professionally designed shop layouts, comprehensive training and strong marketing ensure that you have the right foundation to build a successful bakery business.


How do I join PrimaDéli?
Fill in the PrimaDéli franchise application form and submit it to us. We will then arrange for an interview.

What are the long-term benefits of joining the PrimaDéli franchise?
You can be your own boss and at the same time link up with a well-known name in the bakery industry.

What are my liabilities?
Legally, it is your own shop. You are liable for all debts due to any financing and from your business purchases.

What are your criteria for selecting a franchise?
You should have a shop in a good location. You must also be interested to be your own boss and to run a retail shop. In addition, you must have satisfied the Self-Test for Prospective Franchisees.

Is it essential for the franchisee to have prior experience in F&B or baking?
No, as training will be provided. Experience will however be an advantage.

I do not have a shop at the moment. What should I do?
You can register your interest first and then look around for a shop space. Meanwhile, we will also inform you if there is a shop space available in a good location.

What are the guidelines on the distance from one outlet to another?
There should not be more than one outlet in the same building. Some areas may be able to accommodate more than one outlet. The franchisor will provide the guidelines.

How many more outlets do you plan to have in Singapore?
Presently, there are 400 to 500 bakeries and confectioneries in Singapore. So there is definitely room to accommodate more.

Upon confirmation of outlet space, how long does it take before we can start business?
If there is no need for application for Change-of-Use and change in electrical power loading, then it takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Change-of-Use normally takes one month and Power Supply takes a few months depending on the Town Council or Estate Management.

Do you allow one franchisee to have multiple outlets in different locations?
Yes, provided the franchisee can operate the existing outlet well and adhere to all the conditions of the Franchise Agreement. Also, each franchise agreement and entry fee is for one location. Therefore, for multiple outlets, separate franchise agreements and entry fees will apply.

How much capital should I need?
A full-baking bakery requires approximately $250,000 and non-baking bakery kiosk requires approximately $120,000.

How large is the size of a standard bakery?
Full-baking bakery is 600 - 800 sq ft and non-baking bakery kiosk is 200 - 500 sq ft.

What does my capital investment cover?
Renovations, furnishings, equipment and entry fee.

How soon will I see the returns on my capital investment? What guarantee do you give?
The success of your shop depends a great deal on how you operate it. As with any business, there is the normal business risk.

What support do we get from the franchisor after setting up shop?
Technical service, trouble shooting, product development, as well as advertising and promotional support.

How many employees will I require for a shop?
For a standard Bakery, a minimum of 5 employees including the franchise-operator.
- 2 Baking Hands
- 3 Counter Staff

For a Kiosk, 3 employees including the franchise-operator will suffice.

How profitable are the PrimaDéli outlets? How many are making money?
A vast majority are profitable. Some recovered their capital within 8 months to a year; others about 2 to 3 years.

For those not making money, what assistance do you give them?
We will help them review their operations and provide additional guidance on proper selling, baking, operational efficiency and re-training where necessary.

What are the typical daily takings of each outlet?
It all depends on the location and how the outlet is managed. Retail sales can range from $1,000 to $6,000.

What is the gross profit margin?
On average, it is approximately 45%.


What are the items in the product range?
 PrimaDéli is known for a wide range of quality cakes, pastries, buns, breads and cookies.

How are the products supplied to the franchisee?
 For full-baking bakery, we supply our pastries, buns and breads to franchisees in frozen dough form and for non-baking bakery kiosk we supply in baked off form. Our cakes are supplied ready-made.

Do you review your products' performance, and how often do you change them?
 Yes, we have a programme of regular review and updating of products.

Can I buy products that you do not have from another supplier to sell?
 No, you can only purchase products from pre-approved suppliers.

What are a franchisee's dos and don'ts?
The dos and don'ts for a franchisee are spelt out in the Franchisee Agreement. The important thing is to cooperate fully with the franchisor so that you can reap maximum benefit from your franchise bakery.


Self-Test for Prospective Franchisees

Do you think you have the qualities to run your own business and be a successful PrimaDéli franchisee? To help you decide if a franchise business is suitable for you, we have created this test. Look at the following questions and answer them as truthfully as you can.

Do you have a strong entrepreneurial spirit?
Do you have confidence in the bakery industry?
Do you have adequate capital for the business?
Do you have a good site for your business? A good site provides a strong foundation for a profitable PrimaDéli bakery.
Are you prepared to devote yourself full-time to this business, to establish and grow your own PrimaDéli bakery?
Are you prepared to be fully committed at all times, even during a crisis?
Will you give full recognition to the franchisor?
Will you accept the franchisor's rules and regulations?
Are you willing to share common benefits with other franchisees?
Will you be motivated to continuously improve the operations of your bakery?

If your reply is "YES" to all of the questions above,
you are ready to take on the challenge to be a successful PrimaDéli franchisee!

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