Here's a quick solution for great-tasting bakery items that are always hot and fresh for your customers: PrimaDéli Frozen Dough.

PrimaDéli provides a wide variety of buns, breads and pastries in frozen dough form - the answer to saving time and costs and for consistent quality in form, taste and texture.

From Asian favourites like chicken pie, curry chicken puff and egg tart to French breads and pastries such as baguette, batard and Danish, PrimaDéli offers a delectable selection of both sweet and savoury bakery items. And with state-of-the-art production technology, the items taste just as good as hand-made!

PrimaDéli Frozen Dough is the ultimate choice among bakeries and F&B establishments and is ideal for catering including airline in-flight services.

Wide choice of sweet and savoury items

Consistent quality

Ultimate convenience

Less dependence on skilled bakers

Minimal equipment


(Ready to Bake)

(Frozen/Ready to Serve)

Mini Pastries
(Ready to Serve)

Puffs Pastries/Pie
(Ready to Bake)

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