All prices quoted are based on standard cake flavours (chocolate and vanilla).
Cake designs and general appearances are subject to slight variations and availability of seasonal fruits/decorative accessories.
Other sizes may be available depending on design.
For cakes below 3kg, 2 days advance notice is required. For cakes 3kg and above, 4 days advance notice is required. Advance notice required is subject to cake design and flavours.
No cancellation is allowed on confirmed orders 48 hours before collection time.
All deposits are non-refundable.
Each amendment on confirmed orders is subject to a $5 surcharge and will be accepted on a case-to-case basis with a minimum of 48 hours advance notice.
Prices, terms and conditions, cake designs and wordings are subject to change without prior notice.
No customised cake inscriptions for all cakes less than 1 kg.
All orders are subject to acceptance by PrimaDéli.

Choice of Cake Base and Fillings

(Not applicable to cake designs code PF, PC, PT, PM and P).

Choice of Cake Base

Chocolate or Vanilla.

Choice of Fillings (Recommended)

Vanilla Sponge

Blueberry, D24 Durian , Fresh Mixed Fruits, Longan (Canned), Mango, Mixed Fruits (Canned), Peach (Canned), Strawberry.

Chocolate Sponge

Blueberry, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Truffle Cream, Dark Cherry, Hazelnut.

Please call to confirm availability and charges for the above cake base and fillings. All orders are subject to acceptance by PrimaDéli.

Serving Guide

Number of people Suggested size of cake
2 – 3 Mini
6 – 8 Regular
10 – 15 1.0kg / Large
16 – 22 1.5kg
24 – 30 2.0kg
32 – 38 2.5kg
40 – 45 3.0kg
54 - 60 4.0kg
69 - 75 5.0kg

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